The dealer takes the playing cards from the “card sledge”, distributes them and puts them down after each round. From here on, the rules of the game often differ in terms of the maximum number of players, the number of stacks of cards used (in traditional blackjack, 6 or even 8 stacks of cards are played) and whether bonus rules and insurance are possible. But don’t worry, especially with us at Hyperino we will always inform you exactly about the applicable game rules of the selected casino game variant!

Blackjack is characterized by its simple game structure – all you have to do is count the total of your cards and make sure that they are not higher than 21. Therefore, the game structure of our casino game variants at Hyperino does not differ significantly from the bean-shaped tables that you might know from films and physical casinos. In the online casino you have the advantage that, in addition to the classic design, you often have great background animations and sometimes slight game variations. Just take a look and choose the design that suits your current mood!

As with other classic casino games, you choose a game, take a seat at the table and you can place your bets. Often you also have the option of defining this for several games thanks to an auto-play function, so you don’t have to repeat this after each round. You should also note that the applicable betting limits can vary at different gaming tables.

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