The Melendiz Stream in the valley fascinates the visitors. Visitors can eat and drink tea in the pergolas created on Melendiz to relax while hiking. Then they continue their walk again. We recommend all visitors who visit Cappadocia to see the Ihlara Valley and Belisırma, which is a heavenly corner of our country with its magnificent beauties. “Operator Hüseyin Aslan, on the other hand, said that they host guests from many parts of the world in the gazebos in Belisırma,” Domestic and foreign tourists, who think it is an arid place, are very surprised by the natural wealth they encounter when they descend to the bottom of the valley. Our guests sit in the pergolas here and put their feet in the water. “(AA)

KAYSERİ – Gevher Nesibe Medical Madrasa, which was restored by the Metropolitan Municipality and named as the Seljuk Museum, attracts great attention from expats. The Seljuk Museum, which was built in 1205 upon the will of Gevher Nesibe, one of the Seljuk sultans, contains the bimarhane (mental hospital) where patients are treated with practices such as music and water sound besides the medical madrasa, and includes historical artifacts from the Seljuk period and interesting digital applications. Expatriates, who spend their holidays in neighboring cities as well as Kayseri, can visit the magnificent madrasa and also get information about the Seljuk State thanks to digital applications. Ahmet Turkmen expatriates living in Germany, when each arrived stating that stayed in 5-6 months, Turkey “I am visiting the historical sites of Kayseri. When I compare Turkey’s museum with Germany Seljuk Museum was fantastic. The technical aspects is perhaps no in the world. With a single word “It is an excellent museum. I also visited the Neanderthal Museum, Germany’s famous museum. It is also very beautiful, but not as much as here.” Rüstem Türkmen, who came on vacation from the Netherlands, stated that the museum is very magnificent and that he would recommend his relatives to visit the Seljuk Museum. The Seljuk Museum can be visited between 09.00-19.00 on all days except Mondays. (AA)

Spider Forests host different species together Spider Forests, spread over an area of ​​38 thousand hectares within the borders of the Kurdish district, contain many tree species.

KONYA- METİN BOLAT – A 34-year-old woman, who has been fed liquid food between her teeth for 25 years because she cannot move her jawbone in Konya, is happy to be able to consume solid foods after her operation. Sevgül Muştu, whose mouth could not be moved due to the discomfort she had at the age of 9, started to be fed with liquid foods. Muştu, who could not move his jaw after three surgeries, now fell into despair. The woman, who had quite a difficult time, suffered from frequent toothache. Muştu, who was able to dilute and swallow drugs, applied to the Selçuk University Medical Faculty Hospital when he could not bear the pain of his most recent dental disease. Muştu, whose teeth could not be intervened because his mouth was not opened, was directed to the Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department of the Hospital. Muştu both got rid of toothache and started to consume solid foods with the successful operation performed here. Having the joy of eating the chocolate he longed for 25 years later, Muştu shared his happiness with the AA reporter. Explaining that he dreamed of consuming solid food for years, Muştu said that he had been fed with soup and milk for 25 years.

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